PROQUICESA has two production plants, both located in Fuenlabrada, at 17 Km of distance of the business center of Madrid by the highway A-42, and around 20´ far from the international airport of Madrid-Barajas, in one of the largest industrial areas of Spain and of the EU.

These plants gather outstanding logistic conditions for the terrestrial transportation of goods to wherever place in Europe. So, its privileged location makes possible a fast and easy connection with the main highways and railway lines of Spain, favoring a top efficient supply of our additives, as well as the reception of all kind of raw materials.

Nowadays these two plants have a combined production capacity of 35000 metric tonnes per year (enlargeable), housing a permanent stock of 1000 tonnes of final products (cement additives), in addition to a large stock of the different raw materials employed in our production processes.

In one of these plants are sited our laboratories of physical trials and chemical tests, both of them are modern facilities fully equipped for the implementation of our tasks of quality control and R&D. Integrated in the mentioned laboratory of physical trials is our Cement Pilot Plant, designed for the manufacturing of all kind of cements starting from the original materials of the customers (cement plants); clinker, gypsum, reactive additions, and fillers.

The activity of these two production centers are coordinated from our Headquarter, near Madrid, where is carried the global management of the company.