PROQUICESA is one of the most dynamic and innovating enterprises in the framework of cement grinding aids. PROQUICESA continuously focuses on research and development activities, which makes the company one of the permanent leaders in cement grindings aids technology, having a wide range of high quality products. This is why, thanks to our Research and Development Department, PROQUICESA’s products are being supplied on a regular basis to some of the main cement manufacturers all over the World

After becoming one of the main cement grinding aids manufacturer in Spain, where PROQUICESA products represent the 50% of Spanish National Market, lastly PROQUICESA went into a successful ambitious project of International Expansion, which has proven the quality of PROQUICESA’s products beyond the Spanish National Frontiers. So that, the company exports have boosted until reaching the 50% of PROQUICESA overall sales and its products are distributed on a regular basis to countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Central America.

Today, International Development is a strategic goal for PROQUICESA, which aims to reach a remarkable presence in the five continents in the next years.