Once analyzed the situation, and evaluated the technical solution (or solutions) suitable for the achievement of the established goals, the Technical Department of PROQUICESA carry out a detailed planning of the study (project), where are provided for the different trials to be done and its sequence, as well as the materials of the plant to be employed (CK, GYP, reactive additions, and fillers), and the phases that will make up the study.

From that point on we start the grinding trials in our pilot plant, in order to reproduce the customer cements and to test, under conditions very similar to the real ones, those additives whose properties and performance qualities, widely demonstrated to industrial scale, make them particularly fit for the case. During this step of the study the parameters of response of our grinding system are permanently measured and controlled, which allows us to evaluate the influence of those additives in the performance of the grinding processes implemented.

In a following step, several characterization trials are implemented on those resultant cements, in order to analyze essential respects such us its fineness, granulometric distribution, early and late compressive strengths, setting times, etc., what allows us to extract important conclusions about the performance of the tested additives, and their suitability before the different studied cements.

Finally, all of that is compiled in a detailed Technical Report (trials, results, conclusions of the study, and recommended additives for those cements), which is presented to the customer and jointly reviewed with him.