Our experts have the necesary experience and knowledge about the technology of cement and additives, to provide full technical advice to manufacturers of cement, and provide the best solution for every need. On that basis, PROQUICESA offers its customers a firm commitment to optimizing their current production of cement, with the use of those additives that guarantee you, depending on your needs and goals:

  • Increase production, and / or
  • Reduce the energy cost of grinding processes, and / or
  • Improve the qualities of their cements, and / or 
  • Save greater % of clinker (within the limits of the applicable regulations), while ensuring the final quality of its cement, and / or
  • Use (if possible) cheaper raw materials, while ensuring the final quality of its cements

All this in the most competitive conditions that ensure a reduction of its current cost / ton of cement.

To achieve these goals and fulfill our commitment optimization carry out a specific study of each case, which begins with prospective customer characteristics and their cements, and their needs, objectives and constraints of production, and the subsequent collection of all necessary information about facilities, processes and materials.  

In light of the foregoing we proceed to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and an assessment of the solution or appropriate to meet those needs and objectives of the technically more efficient production process and more profitable for its factory form technical solutions.