As mentioned before, the activity of PROQUICESA turns around a total commitment with quality, focused on offering to our customers the highest level of satisfaction in all respects, MAKING YOUR GOALS OUR GOALS. 

This commitment begins to provide them with the more efficient and profitable technical solutions, able to fully meet its needs. For this purpose we have made of the R&D the strategic axis of our company, which has turned to PROQUICESA in one of the most innovating companies of its sector, and what allows us to offer to the market the latest technology in the field of additives for the industry of cement. 

Thus, nowadays we have one of the more comprehensive product ranges than can be found in the international market, all of them with the highest performance qualities: Cement grinding aids / pack-set inhibitors of last generation, cement strengths (early and late) enhancers, grinding aids modifiers of the setting times, crude grinding aids, kilns SO2 emissions reducers ..., and many others besides, culminating with our revolutionary liquid additive of low viscosity reducer of the Cr(VI) in cement, recently developed.

Our additives are designed according to the peculiarities of each type of cement and can be equally applied in both gray and white cements (100% preserving its whiteness). 

The previous, together with our full capacity for the design of products to the measurement of the specific needs of each case (tailored additives), allows PROQUICESA to face with the maximum guarantees any challenge raised by a cement manufacturer, by demanding that it could be.

All our products fully observe the whole applicable regulations in force, within the framework of the European (EN) and American (ASTM) norms, and are put under the strictest controls of quality. Quality that is certified to customers with each supply.