PROQUICESA has worked hard to provide solutions to this pandemic from its field of action; chemistry. And as a result they have developed two products capable of inhibiting the spread of COVID-19: BioProtective Paint PROPAINT-BIO and DISINFECTANT VBD-19.

On the one hand, PROPAINT-BIO paint stands out as an immediate solution to combat the risk of spreading, and at the same time durable by making painted surfaces eliminate viruses and other pathogens for a long time.

Thanks to nanotechnology, PROPAINT-BIO inhibits the action of COVID-19 and prevents contagion by eliminating the virus on those surfaces where it is applied, thus representing a brake on the spread of this disease.

On the other hand, the DISINFECTANT VBD-19is a universal disinfectant formula, in which we have added an active ingredient capable of inhibiting the activity of COVID-19 (tested in an external laboratory). Therefore, the disinfectant is even more specific than traditional disinfectants in the face of this crisis.

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