The trajectory of PROQUICESA has been always based on a full COMMITMENT OF QUALITY. For that reason, one of the foundations of our company is its Quality Policy, clearly oriented to provide the cement producers with the highest level of satisfaction in all respects of their industrial relationship with us.

That resolute vocation of quality drove us to specialize in such specific field as cement additives, with the objective of concentrate on it our whole efforts and resources, in order to develop the best products and to implement the most complete service. The guidelines of that Quality Policy are:

  • Maximum quality, stability and absolute precision in the composition of our products (starting with the raw materials used), which guarantees 100% strict compliance with its technical specifications in each supply.
  • Plan the actions of the organization to deal with risks and opportunities in the planning and control of the processes.
  • Permanent search for new formulations, which allow us to develop additives with the highest performance and the best quality / price ratio.
  • Maximum efficiency and quality in the service: minimum delivery times, strict compliance with delivery times, permanent technical support, personalized attention and maximum flexibility in the face of any new customer need.
  • Maximum proximity and optimum level of communication with the customer, as a basis for the constant improvement of our products and services.
  • Strict criterion of "0 defects" in all our processes and products, thus minimizing the costs derived from non-quality, and increasing our competitiveness.
  • Constant improvement of aspects related to safety and the environment, both in terms of our internal operations and our additives.
  • Expand the competence and awareness of all our staff, through training and permanent motivation, in relation to the Quality Policy of the company and the Quality Management System implemented.