In the context of the demanding Quality Policy of PROQUICESA, one of the basis to reach the most satisfaction of our customers is to provide them additives with the best performance qualities, and with the highest level of economical competitiveness.

For that reason, the R&D is one strategic axis of our company, and the area where we have invested more efforts and resources along the last years. A resolute bet that has become PROQUICESA in one of the most innovative companies in the field of cement additives, and allows us to offer to our customers one of the most complete and qualified range of products of the market.

For this essential activity PROQUICESA´s R&D Department has a highly qualified team of professionals, made up of Doctors in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, and Chemical Engineers, and counts with modern laboratories and cement pilot plant, fully computerized and equipped for the optimum implementation of all kind of trails, tests, and research projects.

In addition, PROQUICESA has important research collaboration agreements with the Departments of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the Complutense University of Madrid, and so operates joint research projects with these institutions, counting with the participation of eminent experts, as well as with the employment of the most advanced analytical tools and techniques: Chromatography of Gasses-Masses, Ionic-HPLC, Ultra Violet Analyzer, Polarimetry, Induced Coupled Plasma, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, X Rays Diffraction, X Rays Fluorescence, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Nitrogen Adsortion Isotherm, and a long etcetera.