Loyally complying our commitment with the customer, if no product of our current range of cement additives satisfy in a 100% his demands, we automatically proceed to develop an specific one, made to the measure of his case. Our experts will detect this situation during the experimental phase of the study, for what, in any case, once implemented the study the additive that we finally present to the customer will fully meet his needs. 

Only in some cases that situation is detected during the industrial test. When it happens, we carefully analyze the reasons of this phenomenon, and the study is extended until the absolute attainment of the original objectives. 

Like all of the activities and processes of PROQUICESA, these studies are submitted to our Quality Management System ISO-9001, what guarantees the full traceability of the results. And for its optimum implementation we count with up-to-date facilities fully equipped with the whole necessary apparatus, instruments and devices. 

Pilot plant: designed for the grinding of any kind of cements from the original materials of the cement plants (CK, GYP, reactive additions, fillers). Its equipment makes possible to accurately reproduce the customers´cements, and suitably evaluate the performance on it of our additives, with a highest level of representativeness.

Physical Trials Laboratory: equipped for the implementation of all kind of normalized trials and tests on those cements, and on the mortars and cement pastes later elaborated. 

Granulometry Studies Room: where the studies on cement fineness, residue and granulometric distribution (curve) are entirely carried out.

Climatic Room: specifically designed for the curing and conservation of normalized mortar and concrete specimens, it is equipped with an advanced system of automatic control of temperature and humidity, to fully guarantee the curing conditions established in the Norms.

The whole processes developed in these facilities are computerized, and depending on the nature of the tests to make, are complemented with some others implemented in our Chemical Tests Laboratory.