A Division of our company, destined to offer a complete range of industrial services to manufacturers and/or distributors of chemical products, framed within a wide spectrum of fields and sectors: construction, treatment of water, textile industry, paper industry, agriculture, automobile industry, paintings and pigments, cleaning products, and many others.

The goal of PROQUICESA Toll Manufacturing Division is to be a loyal allied and an effective tool, either for Spanish companies with a view to the manufacture, quality control, and/or storage of their products, or for foreign companies which would like to establish their products in Spain, counting with facilities for production and storage in our country, but without assuming economic risks.

PROQUICESA resolutely faces this entrepreneurial challenge, with the top seriousness and formality that always has presided over our trajectory, and our wide experience of industrial collaboration with world-wide leader companies in this field.

All it turns to PROQUICESA Toll Manufacturing as an ideal partner for your chemical company, and allows us to guarantee a full reliability, effectiveness, and commitment to the achievement of your business objectives.