Aditor® reduces CO2 with circular economy
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Aditor® reduces CO2 with circular economy

The future of the planet depends on CO2 and that is why Proquicesa has been developing innovative solutions for 50 years to reduce emissions in the cement industry, maximize energy efficiency and recently decontaminate the air in cities.

Nowadays the cement industry produces 7% of the world’s industrial CO2 emissions every year (1,700 million tons). This environmental impact, although high, has been considerably reduced over the last decades thanks to the advances and the impetus of companies such as Proquicesa, which has been innovating for more than 50 years for a better eco-sustainable world.

In this fight, the additive for cement grinding that Proquicesa develops, Aditor®, stands out as it not only allows to reduce the clinker content in cement with other materials with a lower carbon footprint, but this additive is entirely developed from recycled materials from other industries. This innovative solution promote a circular economy and zero industrial waste for over 5 decades.

Aditor® grinding additive reduces the energy consumption of cement plants up to 50% and reduces CO2 emissions from the entire production process by 10%.

This collaborative circular economy model converts Proquicesa in more than a supplier, into a techno-strategic ally of the cement plants in Spain, Portugal and 30 more other countries in the world where it operates.

This expansion and results are largely due to the fact that Proquicesa customizes the compositions of its additives to each particular cement plant to achieve the maximum result. Providing a unique service in the world that guarantees results for the environment and profitability for the cement industry.