Committed against #ClimateChange
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Committed against #ClimateChange

Proquicesa with its R&D fights against pollution and climate change since 1969 and now, to strengthen this fight we join the Spanish Platform for Climate Action.

Proquicesa has been in business for more than 50 years reducing CO2 emissions in the cement industry and in recent years has developed, patented and applied photocatalytic nanotechnology in urban environments to transfer this fight to cities for the health and future of citizens.

This incessant struggle has delivered undeniable and unbeatable results in terms of quality, durability, energy efficiency, circular economy and decontamination.

But it is time to take another step and join forces and contributing with our experience to the Marrakech Alliance for Global Climate Action and to the Government of Spain by joining the Plataforma Española para la Acción Climática, to accelerate the fulfillment of the commitments of the Paris Agreement.

This new Proquicesa’s commitment joins those already existing in the fight for sustainability such as #EmpresasporelClima where we already collaborate and our results have been recognized and endorsed for a clean and sustainable future.

Our R&D research has reduced CO2 emissions in the cement industry and we are currently helping to decontaminate cities like Madrid.

Our commitment to the environment and health is undeniable and firm since 1969.
Now we want to join forces with national and international entities to expand our struggle and technology to achieve a sustainable planet in line with the EU NetZero 2050.