Photocatalysis fighting COVID-19
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Photocatalysis fighting COVID-19

Spanish CSIC and CIEMAT work to certify that photocatalysis effectively eliminates SARS-CoV-2, origin of Covid-19.

The scientific study named ‘International Project, NO-CoV-2: Photoactive destruction of SARS-CoV-2 at indoor and surfaces’ aims to certify that the photochemical reaction of photocatalysis converts solar energy into chemical energy on a surface with this catalyst (such as ProCleanAir) , accelerating oxidative and reduction reactions, which cause the elimination of most of the pollutants, pathogens and chemicals existing in the air.

“This photochemical reaction activated by sunlight on a surface impregnated with photocatalytic technology produces free radicals that break the viral capsid (the virus envelope) and it finally deactivate it”, explains Benigno Sánchez, a CIEMAT researcher.


Reducing toxics and infectious diseases to protect society is now possible through photocatalytic technology”

Fotocatalisis COVID

Proquicesa collaborates with the Madrid City Council applying this technology in the streets of the city since our PROCLEAN AIR® range are the only products certified by the AIF and by various scientific studies that made  Proquicesa the only company officially certified by Madrid’s City Council to apply this technology and protect the city’s public health and air.