Pollution causes 30,000 deaths and costs € 1,000 a year to each citizen
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Pollution causes 30,000 deaths and costs € 1,000 a year to each citizen

Our collaboration with the city of Madrid to decontaminate and protect the capital from viruses and pathogens yield unbeatable results for the health and environment of the capital.

Europe has improved air quality in its cities, thus reducing mortality related to air pollution in a decade, but it is not enough. In 2020 there were more than 400,000 premature deaths due to air quality in Europe, where Spain registered 31,600 deaths due to pollution. Although this figure is still high, it represents a 54% reduction in the number of deaths in the first decade of the 21st century.

According to the report of the European Environment Agency air pollution costs each Spaniard almost 1,000 euros a year (926 euros, specifically). The reports highlight that the implementation of public measures aimed at improving air quality have a positive impact on morbidity, mortality and the high economic costs associated with air pollution, as is verified in cities such as Madrid that apply photocatalytic nanotechnology of ProcleanAir in addition to other complementary environmental measures to reduce its carbon footprint.

It is essential to stress the importance of improving air quality to prevent premature cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and deaths. Our mission is to inform both the population and the public authorities so that they can take measures to avoid it ”
Jordi Bañeras, cardiologist and representative of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC).

Our commitment to Madrid and its citizens goes back a long way and for this reason we are proud to contribute our little bit to the fight for healthy and clean cities. Already in 2019 the results shed light and therefore the press visited us to learn more about how we eliminate pollution and pathogens from cities (click on the video).

The AEMA reports as well as reactions from the health community review the relationship between the Covid-19 pandemic and air quality..

Long-term exposure to air pollutants causes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, identified as risk factors for death in patients with Covid-19.

These studies only clearly indicate that we must work in this direction to protect the health and future of all.