ProcleanAir® cleans and protects cities
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ProcleanAir® cleans and protects cities

Procleanair® paintings & coatings depollute, eliminate gases and pathogens equivalent to planting a new forest every year

The European Parliament has passed a resolution for the implementation of new air quality directives with stricter measures to ensure compliance by all member states and thus achieve the objective set by the program Europe climate-neutral 2050 for Europe to have zero environmental impact by 2050.

According to the European Environment Agency, Spain has reduced its emissions since 2005 from 1,358.3 Gg to 698.5 Gg, just over 50%. However, we still have a lot to do as during 2020, in Spain 23,000 people died prematurely from particles, 6,800 from nitrogen dioxide and 1,800 from tropospheric ozone.

This is why 100 scientifics have written to the Government demanding to rethink the strategy to face climate change and the pandemic since both issues are related to health and both go through “a cheap, fast and effective technological solution that involves betting and informing on different technologies such as photocatalysis or ionization”

There is still a long way to go for 2050, but Madrid is already leading the change with Proquicesa. That is why we are the only developer and applicator of photocatalytic nanotechnology certified by the Madrid City Council and our Procleanair® paints and coatings are applied throughout the capital eliminating pollution and viral pathogens from the atmosphere.

The photocalaystic nanotechnology of Proquicesa cares for and protects the health of Madrid residents by applying its technology to pavements, sidewalks, tunnels, playgrounds and soon also to windows.

ProcleanAir protege madrid en lonas, tuneles y aceras

Today in the  #Houroftheplanet we support and push investigation and innovation because we have still lots to do together for a better, safer and sustainable planet.