Reinforced Grinding Aids


Reinforced grinding aids

Its reinforced formula allows them to exert a doubly intense surfactant effect on the cement particles and achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency increase in grinding. They drastically reduce coating and provide extraordinary increases in mill production, as well as the flowability of the manufactured cement. For all these reasons, and still being suitable for all types of cements, ADITOR® G are especially recommended in those grinding with high energy consumption, derived from the low grinding of the material and / or the required fineness.

Recommended uses

ADITOR® G have been specially formulated to optimize the grinding process of all types of cements. Specially in the most restricted conditions.

Mill Output Boost
Initial Ages CS Increase
Final ages CS Increase
CO2 Emission Reduction
Instructions of use and dosage

They can be incorporated onto the feed material by means of a simple pumping system, being convenient to dose them as close as possible to the inlet of the mill or to the first chamber of the mill.

Recommended dosage: 400 – 600 ppm (g / t)

The optimal dose must be established in each plant and for each type of cement, according to particular manufacturing and mixing procedures, type of cement, mixing requirements, transportation time and ambient temperature, among others.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store them in closed tanks, protected from environmental contamination and frost, in well- ventilated areas. Avoid subjecting them to high temperatures to prevent possible biological contamination inside the tanks.

Suitable storage materials include: carbon steel, 316 stainless steel, plastic materials, and reinforced polymers.

Maximum period of consumption: 10 – 12 months after supply.

Handling and transportation

Handling these products is not dangerous. However, the usual preventive measures for handling chemicals should be observed.

The disposal of the product and / or its packaging must be carried out in accordance with current legislation and is the sole responsibility of the owner and / or end user of the same.

Products classified as non-dangerous goods for transport by land, sea or air.


The ADITOR® G can be supplied in 1,000 L containers (IBC) and in bulk (tanks, isotank and flexitank).