Aditor CR-6 the economical and effective option for European cement
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Aditor CR-6 the economical and effective option for European cement

ADITOR®Cr-6 is the simplest, cheapest and most widespread new generation of Chrome VI reducers in the cement industry around the world to comply with European regulations.

Since 2007, all chemical products produced and marketed in Europe must comply with the REACH approved by the ECHA that guarantees the protection of human health and the environment.

This implies severe costs, processes and barriers to both European and international cement producers. But PROQUICESA puts all its knowledge, experience and R&D to alleviate this measure and make the cement industry safe, ecological and competitive.

ADITOR®Cr-6 It is the most demanded additive by the cement industry around the world since it not only reduces production costs, but thanks to its unique and concentrated formula based on iron salts it also reduces the dosage of the additive needed by up to a 50% compared to other chrome reducers.

As it is a solid granulate, it can be easily dosed in the Clinker feeding system before entering the cement mills, lowering its use costs but also enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency against solid and liquid reducers.

Its application is incredibly simple and cheap. By installing a set of worm hopper with motor and frequency inverter, the dosage can be applied and adjusted to the needs of each cement plant. PROQUICESA is also the only company that guarantees optimal results as our Quality Department will guide each cement plant in the installation and application process.

The aims of EuropeNetZero 2050 mark the way forward for the cement industry and both Community producers and international importers must comply with these requirements to sell their products in the EU. Therefore PROQUICESA is the best partner that guarantees optimal success to achieve a healthy, ecological and cost-competitive cement using circular economy to achieve an unbeatable price-efficiency ratio.